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Personally I have had many occasions where I am looking at a video that I would like to have available in audio. So I can listen to it on my ipod or computer. Maybe you have searched itunes and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to find the song or performance you are looking for. There are so many live performances and a variety of occasions where you would just like to have that video as an Mp3. It is no secret that Youtube has some of the most hard to find performances on the internet. In fact their archives are probably the deepest collection of Video footage of all time. So all that being said there is a great demand to have these hard to find performances as MP3 or MP4. Because of this demand there are several websites and programs that provide conversion solutions. many of these sites allow you to do the conversion right on the website. Firefox offers a program that you can download and use on your desktop but to me it never seems to function properly.

The site I would like to mention is This site does the conversion on line. It is also free and requires no registration. What is unique about this site is that it does not limit the amount of conversions you can do. Also no annoying surveys. You can use their converter to convert Youtube to MP3 here. They key to these conversion sites success is the reliability of their servers. A conversion site that is popular is doing 1000’s of conversions per day. Some of these files are very large and high quality and they take a long time to convert. The servers need to be set up properly to handle the cached files and make sure the converted files drop off the server once they are downloaded by the user. The problem with a lot of these conversion sites is their servers are not configured properly and most of the conversions either time out or are not converted properly.

No matter which site you select to convert your Youtube video into MP3 there is something you have to know. As a software developer I have looked at this issue and no matter how you slice it these are the facts. The major thing that people have to understand is that the quality of the MP3 can only be as good as the quality of the Video being converted. You can convert the video to the maximum quality of that particular video. You simply just cannot make a poor quality video into a high quality MP3. So I would urge you to ensure the videos you select to convert to Mp3 are of the highest quality to ensure you get the best possible audio. No matter which tool you use to convert your Video to Audio the output will not increase. Another Youtube Converter I would like to suggest is This is also a new site and it is becoming very popular. Appropriately named this website does the same kind of thing as They take online video and turn it into audio. The process could not be any easier. Simply go to your favorite online video provider. For this example we will use Youtube. Select the video you want based on the quality of the video as mentioned earlier. Then copy the URL and paste it into the converter box. Click convert and you are on your way. If you want to you can add your email address and your file will be emailed to you upon completion. So I hope this gives you a few tips on what type of video to look for and also a few tools that you can use to convert your Youtube to MP3. For more questions on How to convert Youtube to Mp3 visit the FAQ section in